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[06 Dec 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Its a scary day for humanity, when the No.1 song on your charts is some girl singing about her "hump, humps" O_O

Her eyes shine like absinthe, and are as equally intoxicating. Random musing.

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[07 Sep 2005|01:35am]
[ mood | awake ]

Great. My sound card decided to die on me. Like I need to be devoid of music right now.

Now I'm going to have to go do something constructive. Joy.

At least some pets have been saved.

The dog in the second pic amuses me greatly. It is just one big adventure to him.

The only pictures I could find of cats, were in cages. Thus not worthy of posting.

Need sleep. Got crap I have to do, tomorrow.

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[06 Sep 2005|11:10pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It seems wrong to whine about the floods that took place here, seeing as they are just trivial compared to what has taken place in New Orleans, and surrounding areas. My thoughts and well wishes go out to all those affected by these events.

At least those few on my friends list, in the affected areas, have managed to get their selves to relative safety.

You know, it scares me to say, when it first happened, I had very little sympathy for any potential people involved. Just this extreme aversion to humanity that I have had, on and off, of late. I felt more for all the poor pets, and other animals that would have lost their lives to the hurricane and floods.

I wonder if this makes me a bad person; that I have more respect for animals, than I do for people.

It took watching some of the clean up process, and people striving to help each other to instill a little emotion in me. Still, seeing people looting 6 boxes of shoes and TVS of all things, pissed me off. I would understand food, and a few pairs of shoes/clothes; but not purely material things they were looting. Perhaps if they were ripping off bigger companies, I would be a little more understanding. After all, if you had lost everything, it is only self preservation to try and get some gains in the chaos. But they looked more like small, charismatic family market businesses - which are the ones in decline in this day and age; those that suffer the true losses... I really dont know what I think about that.

I liked a little news report we caught here. A celeb pissed off - old westy I do believe; saying that whenever the media saw African Americans looting, they called it looting; when they saw white people looting, they called it stealing to survive. Of course, that news report was censored for all you guys in the west coast of the US. I have received the alternative copy, and the copy used in most of your mainstream news. And all that he said about George Bush was removed, haha. Makes it look like he is just ranting. I loved the little msg left by the media: that he deviated from the script they had prepared for him, haha. So much for this freedom of speech we all hear so much about :o. Even if he wasn't totally right; there are some very important issue to be addressed in the things he said, if you ever want to solve the divide between the races in the US.

Bush doesn't hate the African Americans: he hates the poor.(Attempted creation of a new nobles system) And African Americans tend to make up a large segment of those who are poor. Plus those poor that he hates must be kept poor; for those who are poor and desperate gravitate to more extreme right wing religion: his support base. And that, folks, is why the south is so poor, in one of the richest countries in the world. The rich nobles and masters, and the poor peons; who they know how to manipulate. Also why private schools are so well of, and Public schools get nothing, here in Australia. While taking out left wing opposition in the future, by taking out University unionism. Killing off the balance that is there to 'keep the bastards honest,' as they state it here. Setting up a classism based society; with low skilled workers, being bled with high taxes; rich upper classes who are hardly taxed at all.

If a hurricane hit Wall street, I wonder how long relief would take to show up?

For those that saw the comments made by westy, it won't change much in the US. People are still too closed minded. And he has been a little too extreme in the past to be taken seriously.

Speaking of tax; the taxes in nearby launceston have been raised by 10%, and at the same time all the houses have been revalued. Some people have experienced a 50% tax increase. My mother was nearly out on the streets. Had to give her $300. She didn't want to take it; so I offered to buy a couch she has been trying to get rid of for ages. Not worth 300, but a quaint way to give her money, without her thinking she is taking charity.

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[06 Sep 2005|10:52pm]
[ mood | Fear Me ]

I'm so postmodern that I cut off all my hair, and knitted it into a beanie, and threw it off a bridge.

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[31 Aug 2005|02:05am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I just woke up with this strange sense of urgency. I had no idea why, but I felt something was wrong. I check the house over, find nothing wrong, and am about to go to bed, with a slightly protesting cat, saying that 'as long as you are up, you might as well feed me,' when I happened to take a sidewards glace out the back window of my laundry, seconds before turning off the light. What I caught a glimpse of is quite weird. Reflection... But not from the window, or any other surface. Reflection from the ground.

I figured this was just a some sort of play of the light, and had almost dismissed it, when that feeling came over me again. So, I scurried to find a torch, went to the kitchen door, opened it, and gingerly took a step outside.... Up to my mid shins in water. And knowing the incline of the block of land behind my house, the very back of it must be at least under 1 1/2 meters of water, for it to have come this high.

My brother's dog, who has been staying here, was looking rather distressed, and sitting on top of his kennel, due to the fact that it was half underwater. Took a while to find boots suitable for me to get to him, without saturating myself. Not that the rain helped in this respect.

After much splashing around, I managed to get the flailing sog monster to higher ground, while managing to avoid half hand sized queer alien looking spiders, that seemed to think my goofy gumboots might make a lovely respite from the flood waters.

Hmm, he should be safe there, until morning. Had to drag a trailer up next to the fence, to act as a shelter for him. Kinda makeshift, but it will have to do.

Flatmate did a quick drive of the neighborhood. It seems many of the surrounding roads are underwater. There is a partially submerged cop car down the road. Cannot see an officer anywhere, though O_O.

I heard on the news, earlier, that the bureau of statistics say that quite a few centers here in Tasmania have experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded for this time of year. Much above the usual records. And it is funny that we are flooded, but our water storage, and hydro power damn levels are down below quarter capacity. The world is turning into a world of extremes, it seems.

Perhaps I should start building an ark?

In other news, I have been feeling sick for over a month now. Like a cold that just keeps coming and going. I may have to go to a doctor.

P.S. I now have broadband, and an attitude.

Cat Burglar

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[15 Aug 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Why is it that a man can shave a thousand times without a single nick, cut, or scratch, but on the morning of an important job interview, or just before a planned date, you always seem to badly cut your face; no matter how much time, care, and attention to detail you may actually take. It's like some age old curse.

On the eighth day, that god fellow created disposable razors, to torture man for his crimes on the earth.

Seriously, I look like some tragic horror movie victim. Ha, all I need is a few piercing, and I could make a good new age zombie. Mmm. Brains.
Oh well.
Shambles off to eat.. ah meet his new potential employer.

Written at about 8am this morning. But not posted, due to dodo internet being down ;/. Time to change isp.

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[11 Aug 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I have obtained the songs from the new album ghost reveries, by opeth, a month before it was supposed to come out. Aren't I a naughty boy? Oh well, I will buy it when it comes out. Of that you can be assured.

Hmmm, I am amazed that only 5 or 6 people unfriended me during my absence.

As for me yes, I am still alive. Or reflecting some semblance of life. I will be sure to update, one day soon.

Until then, don't forget to feed your cats.

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[26 May 2005|03:58pm]
[ mood | Imma be a popstar :D. Rawr. ]

The US, leading the world as such a shining example of virtue. The right wing have a lot to answer for.

O.o o.O

Sarchasm. The next phase in religious censorship of reality. I distinctly remember going over the waterfall at the end of the world, on that boat trip to New zealand.

I have a new label to put on all the bibles sold in the U.S. This book contains unsubstantiated claims that have never been proven, and should be treated as creative fiction.

http://wilstar.com/theories.htm Read this before buying into the hype. The real meaning of theory in scientific terms.

2000 years, and still many have learned nothing. IF they really followed the bible faithfully, they would realize that the dimishment of human rights, and furthering of the gap between the rich and the poor by the Right wing is exactly the same thing that a small handful of greedy Jewish priests(not the whole race, just a minority. One cannot blame the whole of America's society for capitalism, so one cannot blame the whole of the jewish race for the transgressions of a few), that brought about the rebellion by jesus, and those who followed him.

In fact, the parallels with that period of time are astounding. The religious right interfering in politics, is like the Legions of rome who conspired with the dictatorial leaders who repressed the general populace, and also conspired to have jesus killed, because he was making waves in their master plans. Most do not realize jesus was killed on orders from a certain greedy roman leader, who wanted to avoid conflict, due to not having the forces to properly quell any potential conflict.

But this has nothing to do with the bible; it is just a minority who think that their twisted views are right, and will stop at nothing to force them onto others. Quiz any zealot on the bible, and you will find that most haven't even read it properly. Most just repeat what others have told them. And those few that have read the bible, take it in a context it was never intended.

After all, not once in the bible does it say anything about abortion being wrong. Just a single king, as a child, that god requested not be aborted; and only then it was because he was intended to live as a pivotal part of his future plans.(Still, I find myself leaning towards pro-life. Though I have not studied fully the nature of the early stages of life, and the spark of life; at which point a baby could be considered a living being.)

And according to the bible, living in a homosexual relationship is living in a lifestyle of sin. You can err, and ask for forgiveness, then you are safe. It is just continuing to live it as a permanent lifestyle is the dooming factor. But, if you follow the bible, you find that getting divorced, and marrying another woman is also living in a lifestyle of sin. Unless you leave your new love, and go back to your first wife, then you are still living in sin, and you are just as doomed as those who have homosexual relations. Around 40-50% of those opposed to abortion, or homosexual rights are divorced; most being remarried. So why does anyone listen to them? They are hypocrites, and are just as damned, by their very own guiding book.

The bible only stood for what was considered right and wrong at that period in time. As with the views on marriage, times change. And all this inequality of today has nothing to do with the bible; it is all about the insecurities of man, and the need of such insecure people to attack and dominate anything that is different. Like your proverbial high school bully, who must attack that which is different, because it make him/her feel insecure in himself.

If others can live a happy, fulfilling life without the bible, it makes them doubt their strict, disciplined lives. If a housewife, born into the belief that women should have to stay in the home, and only live to clean, and serve food to her husband happens to see a strong, proud business woman, on a holiday with a man who she has a passionate relationship with, and who takes just as much responsibility around the home as she does, wouldn't that make you think twice about being a slave?

Just look at history: extreme Christianity only flourished in times of conflict. Like some prehistoric parasite that feeds on peoples fears and pain. And when it has no conflict, it makes its own, to perpetuate itself. Conflict, to distract those who would otherwise stop its advance. And conflict to draw in the weak minded, who seek shelter in the mass.

Some may say it has to do with faith during times of suffering. But creating their own crusades, it is they that make their own suffering. It is almost like they are masochists at heart. Not that this would surprise me, the amount of psychological materials I have seen drawing the parallels between bondage, fetish, and religion. I suppose that explains the nun outfits ;p.

History also shows that during times of comfort, religion either grounds to a halt, or becomes more progressive; more humane and realistic.

This age also has other parallels. Sodom and Gomorrah. Or should I say the south, with it much higher than average America's cases of abuse, childhood abuse mortality, and sexually transmitted diseases. Plus its practice of a twisted version of what they call religion.

It's funny, but the very best always comes out of such places; at the same time as the very worst. Its like the light and dark need each other to survive. Or they just spurn each other into existence. Each coming into existence in response to the other. I suppose it makes sense. A young one sees much suffering at the hands of evil(usually religiously based); vows to never be like it, or to oppose it at all costs.

Everyone needs a goal in life. I've never really had one... But now I think I do. I am going to get a bachelor of the arts in communication. Take acting classes, improve my public presence, and my charisma, along with my logic(which does need improving. I am too childlike in my thinking O_O. Thus this dream ;p.) And become a pop star... But a popstar with a message. A popstar who wants to bring down all extreme religion.

And unlike those mainstream popstars, I will encourage thinking, and logic. Not just pure passion. Of course, this means I shall have to play guitar that follows the same constructive patterns as classical music: such as Beethoven/Mozart. Or opeth, if speaking from a non-classical point of view. They help to grow and strengthen neuropathways, promoting logic. Strange what structured music can do for ones brain.

Alice Cooper is on in 6 days. His pvc trousers shall be mine. If you see a pantless Alice Cooper running around, calling for security, you know I have stolen his trousers, and made them my own.

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[26 May 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

It's about time I actually chose a direction in life. I cannot decide if I was to go for a bachelor of the arts, or Bachelor of business studies. Business, in todays world, seems to be the most useful. Art has been in steady decline, with the western worlds attempts to create a nobles system, making higher education more expensive, and taking money out of lower education infrastructures.

For example: Australia: 2/3 of school funding goes to private schools, which teach less than 1/3 of our students. 1/3 of funding goes to public schools, which teach 2/3 of our students. Government putting up University fees by 25%; most being absorbed by the Universities. But they will be unable to absorb them anymore, coming 2006-2007. Thus Uni fees are going to jump. And art classes are always the first to be dropped, when things get too costly. And now they pulled the fast one with the union. Apparently they try and break them up, being a big chunk of the political descent in Australia.

Suppose certain bachelors of art, such as Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, could be useful. Though I do not fancy a degree in criminology. I feel sick enough just watching politics, without knowing exactly what they get away with ;p.

Bah, its hard never having a real dream in life. I was never that kid who said 'I wanna be a fireman when I grow up'(Or like one person on my friends list, who 'wanted to be a birthday cake when he grew up ;p') I dunno. I just want TO KNOW... Everything ;p. I just study a bit of everything; but have no real passion one way or the other. Still, I have this feeling of ever impending doom; a feeling that I must do something soon, or be nothing more than a part drifter all my life. I could be low payed and happy, but not truly fulfilled.

Sigh, I really do not know. All I know is that I need a shower. I probably look like an evil hobo of doom. Stupid work.

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[21 May 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | awake ]

At least someone's having a good weekend.

KittieCollapse )

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